Klein Tools recognizes National Linemen’s Day on April 18

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Thanking the linemen who work in dangerous environments to keep us safe

By Mark Klein

Today the nation pauses to give thanks to the thousands of men and women who risk their lives working as electrical linemen. April 18th is National Lineman Appreciation Day, established by U.S. Congress to honor those who regularly put their lives on the line to keep our lights and power on. Linemen repair downed power lines in the middle of hurricanes; bring lights back on during snow storms; and work atop poles over busy highways. We’re glad to have a day dedicated to thank those who work in harm’s way to keep us safe.

Utility line work is recognized within the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the U.S. according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with more than 19 workers in every 100,000 killed on the job every year. Linemen work hundreds of feet above the ground installing and repairing electrical lines and are often the first peopled called in natural disasters, severe weather and times of crisis. They regularly clear a scene before first responders can assist with rescues, fires, traffic controls or other dangerous liberations. In fact, following Superstorm Sandy which struck our country just three years ago, President Obama made a strong call to designate utility workers as first responders, asking that electricity be a first-responder issue to avoid unnecessary “red tape” during an emergency. We see this as respect for the dangerous work linemen do, and the work they must continue to do to keep other servicemen safe.

Klein is committed to making linemen’s jobs easier, safer and more efficient. We know linemen are on high alert during crisis scenarios, but we also know it can be easy to overlook small details that put themselves and others in danger. Klein is committed to doing everything possible to develop the safest tools making it easier for linemen to do their job in all conditions. Mathias Klein, founder of Klein Tools, was inducted to the International Lineman’s Hall of Fame for his dedication to the lineman’s trade and we work daily to honor his commitment to the craft and to safety.

As part of our ongoing promise towards safer practices, Klein developed the “Head of the Class Award” which recognizes outstanding electrical instructors and the ways they give back to their communities. Our last award was received by a lineman instructor of over 20 years, Roy Smith, who heads a utility technology program teaching the next aspiring generation of lineman. Klein also supports training and education with tool donations to lineman schools and facilities all across the country. This helps ensure apprentices begin their training with quality, safe tools that are tested and trusted on jobsites.

We are thankful for the work these men and women do in order to keep us all safe and comfortable. Klein, its counterparts and greater community will continue assisting this dedicated group of tradesmen to ensure they have long and successful careers.

The Tools that Built America

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Since 1843, Stanley has developed and delivered solutions that have helped to build this great nation of ours. Through decades of innovation, Stanley Tools has become a trusted name in tools for professionals and consumers alike. Today, Stanley continues this tradition of innovation with a full lineup of products for those who demand the best. Our commitment to America doesn’t end with producing the best tools possible. We look forward to continuing not only our commitment to excellence, but in creating the next generation of solutions that will keep America running strong.

For more info: StanleyTools.com

Renovation 4th Edition: Completely Revised and Updated

Renovation 4th Edition Completely Revised and Updated Tools of the Tradies 1Review in progress!

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Power Tools (Documentary)

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A power tool is a tool that is actuated by an additional power source and mechanism other than the solely manual labour used with hand tools. The most common types of power tools use electric motors. Internal combustion engines and compressed air are also commonly used. Other power sources include steam engines, direct burning of fuels and propellants, or even natural power sources like wind or moving water. Tools directly driven by animal power are not generally considered power tools.

Power tools are used in industry, in construction, in the garden, for housework tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and around the house for purposes of driving (fasteners), drilling, cutting, shaping, sanding, grinding, routing, polishing, painting, heating and more.

Power tools are classified as either stationary or portable, where portable means hand-held. Portable power tools have obvious advantages in mobility. Stationary power tools however often have advantages in speed and accuracy, and some stationary power tools can produce objects that cannot be made in any other way. Stationary power tools for metalworking are usually called machine tools. The term machine tool is not usually applied to stationary power tools for woodworking, although such usage is occasionally heard, and in some cases, such as drill presses and bench grinders, exactly the same tool is used for both woodworking and metalworking.

The term power tool is also sometimes used as a buzzword, meaning a technique for greatly simplifying a complex or difficult task.

Credit: Lily Carson

Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas, folks!

History of Black & Decker

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History of Bosch Power Tools

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History of Makita Electric Power Tools

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Wiss compound action aviation snips – Made in USA

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If you’d like to see how Wiss snips are made, check out the video below.

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