Central Pneumatic 3-Way Quick Coupling Manifold (Review)

This is Central Pneumatic’s 3-Way Quick Coupling Manifold, and it works well.

Central Pneumatic 3-Way Quick Coupling Manifold 2


The instructions on the package of the manifold instruct the user to connect it to a 3/8 inch line. This would work for anyone that runs their compressor line from their truck or van, but I know that many of you use 1/4 inch fittings.

Central Pneumatic 3-Way Quick Coupling Manifold 3


I decided to forego the 3/8 inch line part and found a 3/8″ to 1/4″ coupling, and ran it off my trusty Rolair JC10. It would be great if the manifold came with the coupling and fitting used in this review, but I’m sure they wanted to keep costs down.

Central Pneumatic 3-Way Quick Coupling Manifold 4


(Assembled with a bit of Teflon. Make sure not to torque too much, as brass fittings are quite soft.)

Central Pneumatic 3-Way Quick Coupling Manifold 5


I can’t speak to the durability of the manifold, as I have only been using it for a week, but it looks like it will hold up well.

Central Pneumatic 3-Way Quick Coupling Manifold 6


To buy:  Central Pneumatic 3-Way Quick Coupling Manifold (currently cheaper through Harbor Freight).

For more info on the Rolair JC10, click here.

To buy: Rolair JC10

Central Pneumatic 3-Way Quick Coupling Manifold

Central Pneumatic 3-Way Quick Coupling ManifoldUpdate: Review is now up. Thanks! http://toolsofthetradies.com/?p=1460

Review in progress!

For more info: Harbor Freight

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SENCO Covers All of the Connections

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CINCINNATI (March 3, 2016) – The movement and containment of air from the compressor to pneumatic tools is essential to maintaining effective operating pressure. To improve efficiency SENCO has introduced its premium Hybrid Hose and an assortment of swivel couplers and plugs.

The hybrid air hose combines the two best features of existing air hoses in the market today. Rubber air hoses o¬ffer the best flexibility but, rubber breaks down and will eventually crack and rupture. In contrast, PVC air hoses o¬ffer a greater durability, their primary drawback is the lack of flexibility and has a significant memory that will retain the coiled shape especially in cold temperatures. The new hybrid polymer hoses have the flexibility of a rubber air hose but the long life of a PVC air hose.

• Ultra flexible even in extreme temperatures (-40° to 150°)
• Lays flat and will not kink when under pressure
• A maximum working pressure of 300-PSI
• Reinforced bend restrictors
• 40% lighter weight than most rubber hoses
• Smooth non-marring finish makes it ideal for indoor trim work where scratching surfaces could create damage

These ¼” hoses come in 50 ft. or 100 ft. lengths and for more demanding applications, SENCO offers field repairable hose ends made with aircraft grade aluminum for easy on-site repair without hose clamps.

Quick connect couplers have been around for a long time. They allow a user the ability to quickly and easily attach and disconnect tools from an air hose. SENCO’s new swivel coupler allows better flexibility of the tool by rotating 360-degrees at a 45-degree angle. This will reduce fatigue and allow the tool to be utilized in tighter work spaces.

Swivel plugs have this same benefit, but they can be difficult to connect to a standard coupler. The small plug tends to swivel as the user tries to make the connection and often times they have to chase the plug as it moves. The swivel coupler still provides the same benefits, but they are much easier to connect. The coupler is held in the hand thus eliminating the chasing effect caused by the swivel coupler.

Both deliver the same air flow as normal coupler and plug and are available in both MPT and FPT styles.

Premium Hybrid Polymer Air Hose with Field Repairable Ends
Hose size Length Item #
¼” 50 ft. PC1321
¼” 100 ft. PC1322

Premium Hybrid Polymer Air Hose with Fixed Ends
Hose size Length Item #
¼” 50 ft. PC1319
¼” 100 ft. PC1320

MSRP – $30 – $50

Swivel Couplers — Industrial interchange
Type Body Size NPT Size Pack Qty Item #
Male ¼” ¼” MPT 1 PC1326
Male ¼” ¼” MPT 10 PC1327
Female ¼” ¼” FPT 1 PC1328
Female ¼” ¼” FPT 10 PC1329

Swivel Couplers — Universal
Type Body Size NPT Size Pack Qty Item #
Female ¼” ¼” FPT 1 PC1330
Female ¼” ¼” FPT 10 PC1331

MSRP – $2 – $8

Visit http://www.senco.com to find a Senco distributor.

# # #

For more than 60 years, SENCO has helped generations of hardworking professionals get the job done right by delivering innovative fastening solutions that make hard work easier.
As a leader in creating fasteners and power fastening tools for use residential, commercial, manufacturing and industrial applications, SENCO’s comprehensive line of air- and battery-powered nailers, staplers and screwdrivers provide exceptional results and let you take pride in a job well done.

Offering a complete line of accessories, compressors, repair kits and parts along with a certified warranty repair network, SENCO is accessible across the globe and distributes a wide product offering through professional distribution outlets in more than 40 countries.

Committed to its heritage and pioneering of this industry, the company proudly manufactures more than eighty percent of its fasteners in its Cincinnati, Ohio facility.

Senco PC0968N

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Senco 0968N Tools of the Tradies

The Senco PC0968N has been our goto compressor for the last six months. We use it every day on our remodeling jobs that consist mostly of framing and decking. During framing jobs, we run both a framing nailer with either a palm nailer or a construction stapler. The Senco PC0968N handles two nailers without any issue. On our decking projects, where we commonly start and finish a complete deck in one day, the Senco PC0968N earns every penny of its price. It easily competes with compressors double the current price tag.

During the last six months, we’ve run this compressor from temporary power sources, and it performs flawlessly. We also used it at angles that would burn up most oil compressors, but the Senco PC0968N has operated without any problem or maintenance.

The next time you’re in the market for an air compressor, invest some of that hard earned money in a Senco PC0968N. It will earn its keep and your respect.

For more info: Senco.com

To purchase: Senco PC0968N (Menards)

Stanley Bostitch Suitcase Compressor

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For more info: Bostitch.com

Available @ amazon: BOSTITCH BTFP01012 2.5-Gallon Suitcase-Style Compressor

Renovation 4th Edition: Completely Revised and Updated

Renovation 4th Edition Completely Revised and Updated Tools of the Tradies 1Review in progress!

For more info: Taunton.com

To buy:

Renovation 4th Edition: Completely Revised and Updated (amazon)

Preview: Senco PC0968N

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Update (8 Dec. 2013): Review in progress. Senco has the air-up time at 95 seconds. Our tests ranged from 85-87 seconds, 8-10 seconds faster than noted by Senco. Senco also has the PC0968N at 78 decibels. It sounds quieter. Expect several more updates. Have a wonderful week!

Update (3 Dec. 2013): The Senco PC0968N just arrived tonight. We’ll have more info after we shoot a couple boxes of nails and do some texturing. Until then, enjoy the photos. Thanks!


  • 4.5 gallon tank capacity
  • 200 max PSI
  • 4.9 SCFM at 90 PSI
  • Oil free pump, electric motor
  • 15 amps at 120 volts
  • 1.75 running horse power
  • Compact and well balanced design
  • Heavy duty roll cage protects critical components
  • Multiple grip points for easy portability
  • 1 year warranty

For more info: Senco.com

To purchase: Senco PC0968N (Menards)

Senco 200 PSI Portable Compressors

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Here’s some info on the new 200 PSI line–

  • 40% more usable air vs. 150 PSI units (E. Bellman, Senco product manager)
  • Induction motor (This is the kind you want. It lasts about 8 to 10 times longer than the cheap stuff)
  • Oil-less
  • 15 amps at 120 volts (This is good. Most buildings can handle 15 amps.)
  • 1.75 running horse power
  • 95V start (critical for a temporary electric pole or a generator)
  • 4.9 SCFM at 90 PSI (should handle 2 framing nailers)
  • 95 sec. to fill
  • 30 sec. to recover
  • 78 dB

We plan on reviewing one of the 200 PSI compressors within the next couple of weeks or so, so look for the review  Novemberish.

Update (3 Dec 2013): Just arrived. Will post a link to the preview late tonight/tomorrow. Thanks!

Update 2 (3 Dec 2013): Senco PC0968N Preview with Photos here: http://toolsofthetradies.com/?p=691 Thanks!

Senco didn’t leave out the finish crowd. They are rolling out the PC1010N, a suped-up version of the iconic PC1010, and are introducing the PC1280, a pancake compressor that produces 2.8 cfm @ 90 PSI. The PC1010N has a max pressure of 135 PSI and the PC1280 has a max pressure of 150 PSI.

For more info, check out Senco.com

To purchase: amazon.com (It may be a few days before they are all in stock)

To purchase: menards.com

Rolair JC10

Every once in a while, I get to review a product that truly makes my life better. The Rolair JC10 is one such tool.

I will assume that the main reason for reading this post is to find out if the Rolair JC10 is truly quiet as the videos you’ve seen of it on the internet. Well, I have no hesitation in saying that it’s much quieter. Those videos on the internet truly do no justice in explaining how quiet this compressor is.

How quiet is the Rolair JC10?

The JC10 sounds like a small air conditioner.

I remodel homes and buildings for a living, so I need a compressor that can drive finish, palm, and framing nailers, and drive those nailers without annoying the heck out of the neighbors.

I won’t cover how the JC10 drives finish nails, as I do not know any finish carpenter that can nail fast enough for the Rolair JC10 to run out of air. So, if you use finish, brad, or pinners on a daily basis, stop reading, and get yourself a Rolair JC10. You’ll love it — I promise.

If you build decks, remodel, or make additions, then the Rolair JC10 is the perfect compressor for you. It is strong enough to drive framing nails for a room addition, drive nails for joist hangers with a palm nailer, and, yes, even do sheathing.

For more info about this or other Rolair compressors, click here.

To purchase, please click here.

Have a good weekend, folks!

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