Bosch Launches New Drill/Driver and Hammer Drill/Driver With Active Response Technology

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Bosch Launches New Drill/Driver and Hammer Drill/Driver With Active Response Technology

18V Brute Tough drivers provide superior control, maximum power and ultimate jobsite durability

Mount Prospect, Ill., March 25, 2013 -Bosch Power Tools is introducing two innovative 18V heavy duty drill and hammer/drill drivers – the DDH181X and HDH181X, respectively – designed to answer trade demands for greater control, maximum power and best-built durability. Both tools feature the innovative Active Response TechnologyTM, which allows professionals to tackle high-torque applications efficiently and effectively while reducing the risk of dangerous kickback.

Superior Control The DDH181X and HDH181X are equipped with Bosch’s patent-pending Active Response TechnologyTM, which reduces the risk of harmful torque reactions in bind-up situations. An integrated acceleration sensor limits the tool’s rotation by detecting sudden movements and cuts off motor current, thus stopping the tool and making handling easier and more convenient.

Both tools are compatible with all Bosch 18V Lithium-Ion batteries and are well balanced, weighing five or less pounds and measuring less than nine inches in length. A new auxiliary handle included with each drill/driver features 23 positions and a tongue-and-groove locking structure for maximum control.

Ultimate Jobsite Durability Working efficiently sometimes means that tools take a beating on the jobsite. This is why Bosch created the DDH181X and HDH181X to be Brute ToughTM. Built with the exclusive Durashield™ housing and all metal gearbox, these new drivers are capable of surviving 20 drops from a height of 3 meters onto solid concrete – more than 20 times as many drops as competitors.* They also come with electronic motor and cell protection to help prevent overheating and overloading to extend the tool life and runtime. 

Maximum Power An optimized 4-pole motor delivers maximum power and efficiency through 700 inch-pounds of hard-torque in the DDH181X and 750 pounds of hard-torque in the HDH181X to handle the toughest drilling and driving applications, such as using holesaws and spade bits. And with a two-speed transmission and 25 clutch settings, Bosch has optimized available soft-torque for precise screw driving and improved speed for drilling.

Both drivers also feature Bosch’s Flexible Power System, making the tools compatible with every 18V Li-ion Bosch battery – a lightweight SlimPack for working overhead or a FatPack for longer runtime. All Bosch batteries feature Cool Pack Technology, which extends battery life through an advanced heat conductive housing. New in 2014, the addition of a 5.0 Ah FatPack to the Bosch battery offering, will add 25% more runtime (sold separately).

The Bosch 18V DDH181X Drill Driver retails for a suggested price of $279, while the Bosch 18V HDH181X Hammer Drill Driver retails for a suggested price of $299. Both 18V drivers will be offered in a kit with two 4.0 Ah FatPack batteries and charger, and will be available in May 2014 at authorized dealers nationwide. To find out more or to locate a dealer, visit or call 877-BOSCH-99.

*According to Bosch internal testing.

 Bosch DDH181X Tools of the Tradies

Bosch HDH181X Tools of the Tradies



Bosch IDH182 18V Brushless Socket Ready Impact Driver

  • Socket-Ready Chuck: All-in-one Impact Driver and Impact Wrench with a 1/4-Inch Quick-change Hex and 1/2-Inch Square Drive chuck for sockets
  • Brushless Motor: Up to 2X the motor life, superior efficiency for longer runtime and no maintenance
  • Advanced Electronics: Electronic Motor and Cell Protection help prevent overheating and overloading for extended tool life and runtime
  • Performance Control System: Select between 3 speed and torque settings to maximize power or minimize fastener damage
  • Superior Ergonomics: Smallest grip diameter for best in class ergonomics and comfort

Power: 1650 Inch Pounds/137.5 Foot Pounds. It has the most power you can get. Period.

Ergonomics: It is the most comfortable 18V impact driver we have EVER used. It is perfectly balanced, fits users with small, medium, and large hands. The grip and angle of the tool seem very natural.

Battery: 4.0 Ah. It lasts a long, long, long, long time. We screwed a whole deck with two Fatpacks. The second Fatpack still had juice left.

Our Recommendation: We’ve waited for over a year to use this tool. You should do no such thing–it’s available now!

For more info:

Available here: Bosch IDH182-01L 18-volt Brushless Socket Ready Impact Driver with 4.0Ah Batteries, Charger and L-Boxx-2

Bosch IDH182 18V Brushless Socket Ready Impact Driver

Just arrived!

We’ll be testing this Bosch 18V Brushless Socket Ready Impact Driver on a deck build, tiny house remodel, concrete anchors, and even on lug nuts!

More in a bit!

For more info:

Available here: Bosch IDH182-01L 18-volt Brushless Socket Ready Impact Driver with 4.0Ah Batteries, Charger and L-Boxx-2

Renovation 4th Edition: Completely Revised and Updated

Renovation 4th Edition Completely Revised and Updated Tools of the Tradies 1Review in progress!

For more info:

To buy:

Renovation 4th Edition: Completely Revised and Updated (amazon)

Chicago Electric 10 Amp 3-in-1 1-1/8 in. Variable Speed SDS Rotary Hammer

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We’re reviewing this tool now, so expect more information and photos.

We’ve used this tool for several hours on a brick and block demo. This rotary hammer has just as much power as the brand name rotary hammers, but it is a beast to use. If you want an idea of how it feels to operate this rotary hammer, think of driving the Baja 1000 in a powerful truck, minus the suspension. With all that said, if you use a rotary for brief periods, then this is an incredible value (under $70 with a coupon).

Available here:
10 Amp 3-in-1 1-1/8 in. Variable Speed SDS Rotary Hammer

Available @ amazon: Variable Speed SDS Rotary Hammer

Introducing BOSTITCH Power Tools

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Introducing the new line of BOSTITCH Power Tools. These tools are designed for the professional and built to last. Learn more about the entire line of BOSTITCH Power Tools and Accessories.

 More info:

Bosch Brushless

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Update (24 March 2014) Bosch IDH182 Socket Ready Impact Driver (Review):

Bosch drives past the competition with the introduction of its highly-anticipated EC brushless lineup: 12V max drill/drivers, 18V drill/drivers and 18V Socket Ready impact drivers and wrenches. The innovative EC brushless motor technology allows these tools to deliver increased runtime while also offering twice the life of previous generations.

The 12V max PS22 1/4-inch hex drill/driver and the PS32 3/8-inch drill/driver are the lightest, most compact tools in their class, offering unmatched ease of use in extended applications. At 1.6 and 2 pounds, respectively, these tools weigh up to 45 percent less than competitors. The compact PS22 and PS32 also deliver optimum performance when utilized in corners or other confined spaces.

Bosch’s Best Built(TM) DDS182 and HDS182 18V EC brushless drill/drivers are guaranteed to be as tough and dependable as the professionals that rely on them. More durable and powerful than ever before, the DDS182 and HDS182 outperform competitors in heavy-duty applications, while still offering unmatched control as the most compact tools in their class.

The new 18V Socket Ready impact drivers and wrenches are designed to answer tradesmen demands for versatility, power and control. Featuring innovative solutions such as the Socket Ready all-in-one tool holder, these tools provide electricians, plumbers, carpenters, HVAC professionals and other pro users with unmatched solutions to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Read more about the other exciting features of the new brushless power tools @

Bosch Power Tools – The next big thing is coming… 11/11/13

Bosch will be introducing new tools on 11/11/13. Expect at least one or more of the tools to be brushless.

 For more info:

Bosch 18V Impact Driver (Bosch IDS181)

  • Most compact impactor design with a head length of 5.4-Inch, allowing the tool to be used in tight and hard to reach places with increased comfort
  • Optimized Impact Performance: Provides the best runtime and control for small to medium duty fastening jobs
  • Integrated 3-LED Ring: Provides shadow free illumination for the best visibility in low lighting applications
  • Superior Ergonomics: Slim, soft grip provides maximum comfort and control during fastening applications
  • Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) – Increases battery lifetime by preventing damage caused by misuse

To be a 100% honest, when Bosch introduced an impact driver with less power, and not more, I thought they had lost their marbles. However, after using it for a few minutes, I understand why.

Very few tradies drive large lag screws or concrete screws on a regular basis. If you do, you should be using an impact wrench. By dialing down the power, Bosch reduced the size, weight, and sound of the IDS181. The smaller size equals more access. The lighter weight permits more control. The reduced power equals less noise. To give you an idea of what the IDS181 sounds like, imagine using your impact driver with ear plugs (listen to this youtube video).

If your need is to drive 3 or 4 inch wood screws on a regular basis, then you’ll be rewarded with a tool that is competent, compact, and quiet.  The IDS181 also has a smaller grip, so it would be great for people that have smaller hands. 

Youtube: Bosch IDS181 driving a Tapcon screw into wood and concrete

For more info about this tool or any other Bosch tool, please contact Bosch Tools.

To purchase:

Bosch HCBG700 7-Piece Blue Granite Hammer Drill Masonry Bit Set

Includes 7 commonly used hammer drill bits
Ideal for use with concrete, stone, and masonry
Part of Bosch’s Blue Granite series
High-temperature brazing prevents carbide-cutting edge from breaking out
Softened shanks have ANSI-compliant aggressive gripping power

For more info:

To purchase:

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