Bosch GLI18V-420 18V Worklight

Bosch GLI18VThe Bosch GLI18V-420 18V Worklight Provides Outstanding LED Illumination Virtually Anywhere on the Jobsite

Small size, nine-position bracket ensures illumination is go anywhere on the job or at home

Mt. Prospect, Ill., August 9, 2016 There’s no place where light is more important than on the jobsite. At 420 lumens, the Bosch GLI18V-420 18V Worklight provides the brightest illumination in its class with a three LED-design. In addition, it can brighten dark work areas at different angles and offers an adjustable light beam for spot/flood applications.

The three LEDs in this worklight offer the best illumination for a pocket-sized unit so users can light virtually any hard-to-reach, dark-corner work area on the jobsite. And the Bosch GLI18V-420 Worklight provides a dial to adjust light diffusion. Users are able to shine a high-intensity spotlight on a specific area where it’s most needed or can turn a control dial to diffuse light in illuminating a larger area.

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The Bosch 18V worklight comes with an adjustable bracket, which provides users with nine different light-angle settings. It also includes a hard rubber strap for mounting the worklight to enable targeted illumination of the work area.

“The Bosch GLI18V-420 18V Worklight is a jobsite advantage in a convenient package,” said Jim Stevens, product manager, lighting tools, Robert Bosch Tool Corporation. “Good lighting is an asset on any jobsite. Bosch GLI18V illumination adds an extra level of versatility that sets it apart from other lighting options.”

The Bosch GLI18V-420 18V light works with the Bosch 18V battery system, which provides outstanding continuous runtime of up to 13.5 hrs on the 6.0 Ah battery. The unit is jobsite ready thanks to a tough exterior housing and an aluminum heat sink.

To learn more about the Bosch GLI18V-420 18V Worklight or to find a local dealer, visit or call 877-BOSCH-99. Check out for additional tips and videos.

Bosch PS32 12-volt Max Brushless 3/8-Inch Drill/Driver

Bosch PS32

Review in progress

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Central Pneumatic 3-Way Quick Coupling Manifold (Review)

This is Central Pneumatic’s 3-Way Quick Coupling Manifold, and it works well.

Central Pneumatic 3-Way Quick Coupling Manifold 2


The instructions on the package of the manifold instruct the user to connect it to a 3/8 inch line. This would work for anyone that runs their compressor line from their truck or van, but I know that many of you use 1/4 inch fittings.

Central Pneumatic 3-Way Quick Coupling Manifold 3


I decided to forego the 3/8 inch line part and found a 3/8″ to 1/4″ coupling, and ran it off my trusty Rolair JC10. It would be great if the manifold came with the coupling and fitting used in this review, but I’m sure they wanted to keep costs down.

Central Pneumatic 3-Way Quick Coupling Manifold 4


(Assembled with a bit of Teflon. Make sure not to torque too much, as brass fittings are quite soft.)

Central Pneumatic 3-Way Quick Coupling Manifold 5


I can’t speak to the durability of the manifold, as I have only been using it for a week, but it looks like it will hold up well.

Central Pneumatic 3-Way Quick Coupling Manifold 6


To buy:  Central Pneumatic 3-Way Quick Coupling Manifold (currently cheaper through Harbor Freight).

For more info on the Rolair JC10, click here.

To buy: Rolair JC10

Central Pneumatic 3-Way Quick Coupling Manifold

Central Pneumatic 3-Way Quick Coupling ManifoldUpdate: Review is now up. Thanks!

Review in progress!

For more info: Harbor Freight

Have a good weekend, folks!

Pittsburgh 9 Pc Fully Polished Metric Combination Wrench Set

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Pittsburgh 9 Pc Fully Polished Metric Combination Wrench Set

Review in progress!

This wrench set is fantastic! I have been using another set, and just got another one.

Things I like about this set:

  • Extreme value ($6 to $9, depending on sales)
  • Good manufacturing and excellent warranty (lifetime)
  • Usable sizes included in the set (7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 17mm, 19mm)

I’ll take a photos so that you guys can see the set in use.

For more info: Harbor Freight


Streamlight 88049 ProTac 1AAA

Streamlight 88049 ProTac 1AAA

Review in progress!

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Stack-On SBR-13 13 Compartment Storage Organizer

Stack On 13Review in progress!

For reference, I included a Swiss Army knife.

  • 13-compartment storage box with removable dividers
  • Easy scoop design for convenient access to small parts
  • Clear see-through lid allows you to see the contents at a glance
  • Cover firmly snaps shut to secure contents
  • Store crafts, nails, nuts and bolts, outdoor items, etc

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Bosch Impact Tough Bits

Bosch Impact Tough™ Titanium Drill Bits provide 2X life over standard impact drill bits. Designed for use in the higher torque impact drill/drivers, they have an upgraded tip design for no-skate starts and a titanium cooling shield thanks to the titanium nitrate coating. The bits have impact-rated shanks. Electricians, plumbers and HVAC pros will appreciate the tough construction of the bit, rated for heavy-gauge carbon steels, as well as light gauge metal and hardwood applications.

Bosch Impact Tough™ Black Oxide Drill Bits are engineered for use in the higher torque impact drill/drivers. They provide longer life than standard drill bits, thanks to their tip design and black oxide coating. With long flutes for excellent speed, these bits are built for general-purpose applications and work great in wood, plastic and light-gauge metal materials. They are great for general contractors and installers.

For more info: Bosch Tools

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GearWrench Locking Flex-Head Multi Function Ratchets

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Dec 17, 2015

New Gearwrench multi-function ratchets have a quarter-inch ratchet head at one end and a quarter-inch ratcheting bit holder at the other, delivering famous GearWrench speed, strength, and access to help you get jobs done faster.

Speed, because these slim ratchets are sized right and designed to save you time. They let you put the right tool on the work piece faster

Strength, because you count on your tools to provide lasting reliability. And these ratchets have been tested, not just to meet, but to exceed A-S-M-E proof-torque and cycle-test requirements.

Access, because with heads less than three-quarters of an inch wide, these multi-function ratchets give you the ability to turn fasteners you just can’t reach with standard ratchets

Nine-position locking flex heads on both ends stay in position when load is applied for increased power and control in cramped spaces.

Both ends feature a 72-tooth ratchet gear, providing a five-degree swing arc for working in tight spots, and have a knurled thumb-wheel that allows you to quickly start and run down fasteners.

The ratchet head will turn sockets up to 13 millimeters or one-half inch and has a quick-release design for fast socket change-out.

The quarter-inch hex ratcheting bit holder will turn up to number four Phillips and or T40 Torx bits and features a rare-earth magnet for positive bit retention.

GearWrench multi-function ratchets are available individually in a 12-inch long-beam style for extra reach and a five-and-three-quarter-inch compact style for working in confined spaces.

A 43-piece set that includes both ratchets, a four-inch extension, 30 assorted Phillips, slotted, hex, and Torx bits, and metric sockets from four to 13 millimeters is also available.

New locking flex-head multi-function ratchets … another way that GearWrench helps you Get It Done!

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Bosch IDH182 18V Brushless Socket Ready Impact Driver

  • Socket-Ready Chuck: All-in-one Impact Driver and Impact Wrench with a 1/4-Inch Quick-change Hex and 1/2-Inch Square Drive chuck for sockets
  • Brushless Motor: Up to 2X the motor life, superior efficiency for longer runtime and no maintenance
  • Advanced Electronics: Electronic Motor and Cell Protection help prevent overheating and overloading for extended tool life and runtime
  • Performance Control System: Select between 3 speed and torque settings to maximize power or minimize fastener damage
  • Superior Ergonomics: Smallest grip diameter for best in class ergonomics and comfort

Power: 1650 Inch Pounds/137.5 Foot Pounds. It has the most power you can get. Period.

Ergonomics: It is the most comfortable 18V impact driver we have EVER used. It is perfectly balanced, fits users with small, medium, and large hands. The grip and angle of the tool seem very natural.

Battery: 4.0 Ah. It lasts a long, long, long, long time. We screwed a whole deck with two Fatpacks. The second Fatpack still had juice left.

Our Recommendation: We’ve waited for over a year to use this tool. You should do no such thing–it’s available now!

For more info:

Available here: Bosch IDH182-01L 18-volt Brushless Socket Ready Impact Driver with 4.0Ah Batteries, Charger and L-Boxx-2

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