Milwaukee Inkzall Point Marker

Milwaukee Inkzall

Review in progress!

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Gamma Seal Lid

Gamma Seal Lid

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Stack-On SBR-13 13 Compartment Storage Organizer

Stack On 13Review in progress!

For reference, I included a Swiss Army knife.

  • 13-compartment storage box with removable dividers
  • Easy scoop design for convenient access to small parts
  • Clear see-through lid allows you to see the contents at a glance
  • Cover firmly snaps shut to secure contents
  • Store crafts, nails, nuts and bolts, outdoor items, etc

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Ridgid 31632 1/4-Inch to 1-5/8-Inch Quick Acting Tubing Cutter

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Ridgid Wheel Cutter

Review in progress

This cutter is expensive and heavy, but worth every penny and the effort to handle it. It is smooth, powerful, speedy, and does exactly what it was designed to do.

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Bosch GSA18V-083B

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Bosch GSA18V-083B

Update 23 July 2016: has this item listed for sale, but the ship date is 1 to 2 months out. I’ll post any changes as they come. Thanks, Sean

Las Vegas, Nev., February 2, 2016 – When the job at hand is demolition and rough cutting, speed and convenience are as important as power. And that’s where the Bosch GSA18V-083B 18V Reciprocating Saw offers great power-to-weight ratio to get the job done right – from overhead cutting to working on conduit or pocket cuts.

The Bosch GSA18V-083B reciprocating saw is lightweight, coming in at 5.5 pounds with a compact length of 15-3/4 inches. Yet it still delivers an efficient 0.83-inch (21 mm) stroke at up to 3,000 strokes per minute. The tool is designed with a variable-speed trigger so trade professionals, including electricians and carpenters, can ease into the cut and minimize kickback potential. A great choice for overhead or close-quarters cutting jobs, this reciprocating saw provides the advantages of an easy blade-change system, low-vibration, and an LED light.

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The Bosch GSA18V-083 Cordless Reciprocating Saw provides a variable-speed trigger, so users can ease the saw into the material. This saw provides 0-3,000 strokes per minute, so the user can match the functioning speed of the tool to the application or the material.

The saw’s economical .83-inch (21 mm) stroke length means optimum material removal per stroke and less vibration, making it ideal for cutting conduit and pipe. The saw provides an ergonomically shaped handle with a soft-grip zone to ensure a secure hold and minimized user fatigue.

“For the professional seeking the go-anywhere convenience of cordless in a reciprocating saw combined with ample 18-volt power, the GSA18V-083B gets the job done,” said Jim Stevens, product manager, wood tools, Robert Bosch Tool Corporation. “This is a low-vibration, high-efficiency tool that’s built to get rough-cutting jobs done quickly and cleanly.”

The Bosch GSA18V-083 reciprocating saw features the Lockjaw™ blade holder, which is the easiest blade-change system in its class by offering toolless, blade change. It provides an LED light to illuminate dark work areas and has a lock-out feature that prevents inadvertent startup of the tool for additional user security.

This reciprocating saw also includes the Bosch Electronic Motor Protection (EMP) system, which protects the motor against overload and ensures long life, and the Bosch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) that protects the battery against overload, overheating and deep discharge.

To learn more about the Bosch GSA18V-083B 18V Reciprocating Saw or to find a local dealer, visit or call 877-BOSCH-99. Check out for additional tips and videos.


Spyder Products Unveils Hole Saws with Unique Features that Cut Up to 10X Faster

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Spyder Products Unveils Hole Saws with Unique Features that Cut Up to 10X Faster

Patented Rapid Core Eject™ System Provides Unmatched Efficiency

(North Kansas City, Mo.) – September 3, 2014 – Spyder Products recently launched the latest tools in its innovative portfolio of power tool accessories with the introduction of its Spyder Bi-Metal Hole Saws and TCT Hole Saws. The new hole saws feature Spyder’s new arbor system with Rapid Core Eject which makes extracting plugs as simple as pushing a button.

“Hole saw users told us their number one issue was removing plugs quickly after making cuts,” says Ryan Campbell, general manager of Spyder Products. “Cores get stuck inside hole saw cups, and it’s necessary to use a screwdriver or other device to extract them, a time-consuming, frustrating process. We designed our new holes to specifically address this frustration.”

With Spyder’s Rapid Core Ejection feature, users simply press a button and slide the blade back to remove the plug.

Spyder hole saws are also engineered to make cutting at an angle easy. By clicking and pulling the hole saw back, the pilot bit is extended enough to cut at an angle. In addition, Spyder’s system allows users to enlarge holes that were drilled too small by using the smaller hole saw as a guide while a larger diameter saw makes the right cut.

The hole saws come in two forms: bi-metal steel with variable tooth pitch for fast and clean cut-outs and TCT (Tungsten Carbide) versions which cut five times faster than traditional hole saws and last many times as long.

The hole saws are available at Lowe’s, Grainger, and other fine retailers. Bi-metal hole saws retail for $6.49 to $39.98; TCT hole saws retail from $13.62 to $68.96. Sizes range from ¾” to 6-5/8” for both versions, and will fit on other manufacturers’ arbors. Spyder’s patented arbors and replacement bits are also available separately.

An online video of the hole saws in action is available at

About Spyder:

Headquartered in North Kansas City, Mo., Spyder Products offers an assortment of tool attachments designed to fit any reciprocating saw for fast, power-driven scraping, grout removal and cutting.

Spyder Products are designed to give contractors and weekend warriors the power to conquer tough demolition and construction jobs such as cutting, scraping, sawing and grouting.

For more information, visit or call 888-471-2239.




OSHLUN MMC-0110 Tools of the Tradies 1

Over the past two weeks, we have had the pleasure of evaluating these Quick-Fit Bi-Metal blades from OSHLUN. The model number is MMC-0110 (Currently in limited release).

According to Michael Herinckx at OSHLUN, “the MMC Series blades are an open back holder blade based off of our original MMA Series Uni-Fit holder, but modified to allow fitting on tool free machines that require the open back blade design.” Michael also informed us that, in addition to the modifying the holder on these blades, material changes have been made to improve performance.

We used one OSHLUN MMC blade to cut and shave a portion of a post that was protruding out. Total cuts were 50+. Immediately afterwards, we made this surgical cut into a piece of damaged siding. The photo on the right contains the photo of the blade that we used. Next to it is a new OSHLUN MMC blade for comparison. The OSHLUN blade performed well as a plunge blade, plane, and reciprocating blade to cut the several nails embedded in the post.

Many blades on the market today only last for a few cuts, then start losing their teeth, but we did not lose a single tooth with any of the OSHLUN MMC blades. We took three blades and made one cut with one blade, five cuts with the second, and ten cuts with the third blade. If you see the photo in the middle, the left blade has ten cuts, the middle-left has five cuts, the middle-right has one cut, and the right blade is a new blade for comparison. Basically, with the exception of the amount of paint on the blades, all of the teeth on all four blades are in the same condition. The photo on the right is a close-up of a blade with ten cuts. If we did a test of how many nails a single OSHLUN MMC blade could make, we’d say it could safely cut several hundred nails.

The OSHLUN MMC-0110 is a 10-Pack with an adapter for Bosch and Dremel tools. The center photo contains the adapter for Bosch and Dremel tools. The photo on the right is the OSHLUN MMC blade, with the supplied adaptor, on a Bosch tool.

For more info:

To buy: Oshlun Oscillating Tool Blades

Bosch MX30EL-37 Multi-X 3.0 Amp Oscillating Tool Kit

  • Made in Switzerland
  • Bosch blades are also made in Switzerland
  • Power: 3 amps
  • Cord: 13 feet with a fantastic swivel
  • Slim body
  • Soft start
  • Speed Control (electronic)
  • Adjustable Speed

Construction: Build quality is no surprise. It’s exactly what I’d expect from a Bosch tool built in Switzerland. From casting to assembly, it’s superb.

Power: Strong and refined. The Bosch MX30 has a soft start, then builds up to the set speed. Even though it has a lot of power, it is so refined, power delivery is consistent and buttery smooth.

Ergonomics: The Bosch MX30 has a very slim body that feels very organic. Bosch placed rubber pads on contact areas to increase grip and user comfort.

Mount pattern: Bosch OIS. If you’ve used other oscillating tools, you’ll understand when I say that the OIS pattern will become the industry standard. I believe the OIS pattern is the most elegant design today.

For more info:

Available here: Bosch MX30EL-37 Multi-X 3.0 Amp Oscillating Tool Kit with 37 Accessories


Bosch IDH182 18V Brushless Socket Ready Impact Driver

  • Socket-Ready Chuck: All-in-one Impact Driver and Impact Wrench with a 1/4-Inch Quick-change Hex and 1/2-Inch Square Drive chuck for sockets
  • Brushless Motor: Up to 2X the motor life, superior efficiency for longer runtime and no maintenance
  • Advanced Electronics: Electronic Motor and Cell Protection help prevent overheating and overloading for extended tool life and runtime
  • Performance Control System: Select between 3 speed and torque settings to maximize power or minimize fastener damage
  • Superior Ergonomics: Smallest grip diameter for best in class ergonomics and comfort

Power: 1650 Inch Pounds/137.5 Foot Pounds. It has the most power you can get. Period.

Ergonomics: It is the most comfortable 18V impact driver we have EVER used. It is perfectly balanced, fits users with small, medium, and large hands. The grip and angle of the tool seem very natural.

Battery: 4.0 Ah. It lasts a long, long, long, long time. We screwed a whole deck with two Fatpacks. The second Fatpack still had juice left.

Our Recommendation: We’ve waited for over a year to use this tool. You should do no such thing–it’s available now!

For more info:

Available here: Bosch IDH182-01L 18-volt Brushless Socket Ready Impact Driver with 4.0Ah Batteries, Charger and L-Boxx-2

Bosch IDH182 18V Brushless Socket Ready Impact Driver

Just arrived!

We’ll be testing this Bosch 18V Brushless Socket Ready Impact Driver on a deck build, tiny house remodel, concrete anchors, and even on lug nuts!

More in a bit!

For more info:

Available here: Bosch IDH182-01L 18-volt Brushless Socket Ready Impact Driver with 4.0Ah Batteries, Charger and L-Boxx-2

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