Bosch GLI18V-420 18V Worklight

Bosch GLI18VThe Bosch GLI18V-420 18V Worklight Provides Outstanding LED Illumination Virtually Anywhere on the Jobsite

Small size, nine-position bracket ensures illumination is go anywhere on the job or at home

Mt. Prospect, Ill., August 9, 2016 There’s no place where light is more important than on the jobsite. At 420 lumens, the Bosch GLI18V-420 18V Worklight provides the brightest illumination in its class with a three LED-design. In addition, it can brighten dark work areas at different angles and offers an adjustable light beam for spot/flood applications.

The three LEDs in this worklight offer the best illumination for a pocket-sized unit so users can light virtually any hard-to-reach, dark-corner work area on the jobsite. And the Bosch GLI18V-420 Worklight provides a dial to adjust light diffusion. Users are able to shine a high-intensity spotlight on a specific area where it’s most needed or can turn a control dial to diffuse light in illuminating a larger area.

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The Bosch 18V worklight comes with an adjustable bracket, which provides users with nine different light-angle settings. It also includes a hard rubber strap for mounting the worklight to enable targeted illumination of the work area.

“The Bosch GLI18V-420 18V Worklight is a jobsite advantage in a convenient package,” said Jim Stevens, product manager, lighting tools, Robert Bosch Tool Corporation. “Good lighting is an asset on any jobsite. Bosch GLI18V illumination adds an extra level of versatility that sets it apart from other lighting options.”

The Bosch GLI18V-420 18V light works with the Bosch 18V battery system, which provides outstanding continuous runtime of up to 13.5 hrs on the 6.0 Ah battery. The unit is jobsite ready thanks to a tough exterior housing and an aluminum heat sink.

To learn more about the Bosch GLI18V-420 18V Worklight or to find a local dealer, visit or call 877-BOSCH-99. Check out for additional tips and videos.

Streamlight 88049 ProTac 1AAA

Streamlight 88049 ProTac 1AAA

Review in progress!

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Pelican 3765PL

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  • 4 mode LED technology (high, low, downcast, signaling)
  • NFPA Compliant (National Fire Protection Agency) 1901
  • Rechargeable NiMH Pack
  • Also Operates on 4 Standard AA Alkaline Batteries
  • Safety Approved (Class I Division 2)
  • Battery Level Indicating Switch
  • Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence.
  • Compact, Rugged, and Light weight
  • Made of ABS plastic

Pelican 3765PL SpecsTools of the TradiesThe Pelican 3765PL is great for firefighters, so I thought this flashlight would serve Tradies well.

Here are the features that I require for my main work light:

1. Not round

2. Not too small

3. Easily visible

4. Easy to hold

5. A Clip

6. Rechargeable

7. Able to use AA batteries

8. Water resistant

9. Powerful beam/Good spill

10. Adjustable power


1. Round/Hex flashlights roll.

2 Small things, including flashlights, are not easy to find in a bag full of tools.

3. If I’m looking for a light, I need it now.

4. The easier it is to hold, the less fuss that I have to go through.

5. I need to be able to clip it to my body when I am moving around.

6. I’m not willing to use batteries and just toss them.

7. If I’m in a pinch, I need to be able to use backup AA batteries that I always have.

8. Sometimes, like when I’m fixing a broken water line, I need a light that will still operate with water spraying all over the place.

9. I need a light that can spotlight an area and also light the general area that I am working in.

10. I need to either conserve power or modulate the light output.

The Pelican 3765PL has all of the features that I require as my main work light!  In addition, the bezel on the flashlight glows in the dark, has LEDs that light the ground in front of where I am, and has a battery indicator. This flashlight is now my main light for work and play.

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Available here: Pelican Right Angle 3765 LED Rechargeable

Streamlight 90744 Knucklehead Spot Alkaline Light, Orange

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Streamlight 90744 Knucklehead Spot Alkaline Light Orange Tools of the Tradies 1Review in progress!

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Pelican 3765PL

Pelican 3765PL Tools of the TradiesReview in progress!

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Available here: Pelican Right Angle 3765 LED Rechargeable

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