GearWrench Locking Flex-Head Multi Function Ratchets

December 17, 2015 by
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Dec 17, 2015

New Gearwrench multi-function ratchets have a quarter-inch ratchet head at one end and a quarter-inch ratcheting bit holder at the other, delivering famous GearWrench speed, strength, and access to help you get jobs done faster.

Speed, because these slim ratchets are sized right and designed to save you time. They let you put the right tool on the work piece faster

Strength, because you count on your tools to provide lasting reliability. And these ratchets have been tested, not just to meet, but to exceed A-S-M-E proof-torque and cycle-test requirements.

Access, because with heads less than three-quarters of an inch wide, these multi-function ratchets give you the ability to turn fasteners you just can’t reach with standard ratchets

Nine-position locking flex heads on both ends stay in position when load is applied for increased power and control in cramped spaces.

Both ends feature a 72-tooth ratchet gear, providing a five-degree swing arc for working in tight spots, and have a knurled thumb-wheel that allows you to quickly start and run down fasteners.

The ratchet head will turn sockets up to 13 millimeters or one-half inch and has a quick-release design for fast socket change-out.

The quarter-inch hex ratcheting bit holder will turn up to number four Phillips and or T40 Torx bits and features a rare-earth magnet for positive bit retention.

GearWrench multi-function ratchets are available individually in a 12-inch long-beam style for extra reach and a five-and-three-quarter-inch compact style for working in confined spaces.

A 43-piece set that includes both ratchets, a four-inch extension, 30 assorted Phillips, slotted, hex, and Torx bits, and metric sockets from four to 13 millimeters is also available.

New locking flex-head multi-function ratchets … another way that GearWrench helps you Get It Done!

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