Bosch 18V Impact Wrench (HTH181)

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  • 500 ft lbs of max torque – Fast tightening/removing of HD fastners (lag screws, concrete anchors, lug nuts)
  • 6.7 lbs and 10″ in Length – Most lightweight design with short head length for least amount of user fatigue.
  • Spring-Loaded Hammer and Anvil – High Amounts of torque with little torque reaction
  • 1,900 RPM with 2,100 IMP – Optimized mechanism creates added efficiency
  • FPS and ECP – Works with Slimpacks, or Fatpacks, monitors battery to reach maximum life.

Review by Sean Ahn

For this review, I drove a large lag screw into a 4×6, a large concrete screw into a 5500 PSI concrete pad, and removed a lug nut from a truck with rusted bolts.

The lag screw portion was about what I suspected. It takes a a lot of oomph to drive a large lag screw, and the Bosch HTH181 has plenty of it.

The Bosch zipped the concrete screw right into the concrete pad. In the video, you need to pay attention as soon it starts, as it doesn’t take more than a couple of seconds to drive the large concrete screw. I was shocked!

The third part was a lug nut from a rusted bolt. It effortlessly spun it off in about a second. It wasn’t part of this review, but I have a used another impact wrench (corded) that is rated at 350 lbs., and that one took about 2.5 seconds to remove the lug nut from the same truck.

If you’re in the market for an impact wrench, the Bosch HTH181 deserves your consideration.

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