Senco 200 PSI Portable Compressors

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Here’s some info on the new 200 PSI line–

  • 40% more usable air vs. 150 PSI units (E. Bellman, Senco product manager)
  • Induction motor (This is the kind you want. It lasts about 8 to 10 times longer than the cheap stuff)
  • Oil-less
  • 15 amps at 120 volts (This is good. Most buildings can handle 15 amps.)
  • 1.75 running horse power
  • 95V start (critical for a temporary electric pole or a generator)
  • 4.9 SCFM at 90 PSI (should handle 2 framing nailers)
  • 95 sec. to fill
  • 30 sec. to recover
  • 78 dB

We plan on reviewing one of the 200 PSI compressors within the next couple of weeks or so, so look for the review  Novemberish.

Update (3 Dec 2013): Just arrived. Will post a link to the preview late tonight/tomorrow. Thanks!

Update 2 (3 Dec 2013): Senco PC0968N Preview with Photos here: Thanks!

Senco didn’t leave out the finish crowd. They are rolling out the PC1010N, a suped-up version of the iconic PC1010, and are introducing the PC1280, a pancake compressor that produces 2.8 cfm @ 90 PSI. The PC1010N has a max pressure of 135 PSI and the PC1280 has a max pressure of 150 PSI.

For more info, check out

To purchase: (It may be a few days before they are all in stock)

To purchase:


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