Bosch CSW41 7-1/4-Inch Worm Drive Circular Saw

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Bosch CSW41 (pre-production model reviewed)

Power: 15 amps. The motor is smooth and powerful. The torque jump of the old saw is virtually gone, power delivery feels smoother, and the rpm has been increased to 5400 from 4600. Basically, it will cut any type of wood you put in front of it, and cut it like it’s not even there.

Ergonomics: You’re not imaging any thing if you think that the saw has gotten shorter – it has. The motor housing and the gear box have been redesigned, removing weight from both areas. This saw handles much like the last version, just lighter, smoother, and more compact.

Weight: 13 Lbs. 1.2 ozs. (U.S. Postal scale in Pasadena, CA). When I first picked this saw up, it felt really light. However, the saw feels even lighter with use. The rafter hook is now integrated into the motor housing, reducing space and weight.

Blade wrench: It now rides on the saw, and has an end for adjusting the miter nut and depth nut. Also included on the tip of the same end is a heat-treated screwdriver. It can be used to replace the motor brushes or remove the diamond knockout on blades. I especially like how it has two-clicks before the blade wrench comes out. This allows the tool wrench to come out with ease, without the inadvertent release.

Blade: The saw comes standard with a thin-kerf, 24-tooth carbide blade. It is very sharp.

Miter Angle: 53 degrees. It goes from 0 to 45, then from 45 to 53 when the red tab is used.

Depth Adjustment: Instead of adjusting for the thickness of the material to be cut, the depth adjustment slide now comes with markings of common cuts. If you need to cut a 3/4″ plywood sheet, you set it 3/4″ Ply, and it adjusts the saw to the correct depth (about a carbide tooth deeper than the required depth).

If you do any decent amount of cutting, you owe it to yourself to try the Bosch CSW41. This saw will increase your productivity and safety.

Availability: February 2014 (via amazon)

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