Bosch GBM9-16 Drill/Mixer

Now available: Bosch GBM9-16

The Bosch GBM9-16 Drill/Mixer does double duty on the jobsite, handling mixing material such as paint or grout, as well as supplying professional-grade drill. The drill features outstanding muscle, with a variable-speed 9.0-amp motor that delivers in wood and many metal applications. It is a powerful and efficient material mixer, with a reversing switch to provide operator control. It mixes demanding industrial materials, from paint to mortar to epoxy resin.

Application to Material
The drill/mixer features a variable-speed motor, so the user can match speed to mixing application. In mixing, higher speed is best for materials with low viscosity such as paint or sealing compounds. Lower speed, higher torque mixing works for mortar or epoxy resin.

Power and Torque
The GBM9-16 delivers professional power and great durability, thanks to a 9.0-amp motor that generates plenty of torque at all speeds. The all-ball bearing motor and precision-cut steel gears deliver a maximum no-load rpm of 0-700 and provide durability.

Rotatable D Handle
This drill/mixer features a 360° rotatable D handle, for maximum comfort during all-day applications. It diminishes vibration while allowing the user to adjust to the desired position. This drill has a removable torque-control auxiliary handle for multiposition operation.

Robust Keyed Chuck
With a heavy-duty 5/8 In. keyed chuck, the Bosch GBM9-16 drill/mixer supports a large variety of drilling and mixing accessories. The drill incorporates a tough, lightweight magnesium front housing for durability. It also features a two-finger trigger design with lock-on button for easier mixing.

What’s in the Box
The GBM9-16 Drill/Mixer comes with an auxiliary handle and a chuck key.

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