OSHLUN MMC-0110 Tools of the Tradies 1

Over the past two weeks, we have had the pleasure of evaluating these Quick-Fit Bi-Metal blades from OSHLUN. The model number is MMC-0110 (Currently in limited release).

According to Michael Herinckx at OSHLUN, “the MMC Series blades are an open back holder blade based off of our original MMA Series Uni-Fit holder, but modified to allow fitting on tool free machines that require the open back blade design.” Michael also informed us that, in addition to the modifying the holder on these blades, material changes have been made to improve performance.

We used one OSHLUN MMC blade to cut and shave a portion of a post that was protruding out. Total cuts were 50+. Immediately afterwards, we made this surgical cut into a piece of damaged siding. The photo on the right contains the photo of the blade that we used. Next to it is a new OSHLUN MMC blade for comparison. The OSHLUN blade performed well as a plunge blade, plane, and reciprocating blade to cut the several nails embedded in the post.

Many blades on the market today only last for a few cuts, then start losing their teeth, but we did not lose a single tooth with any of the OSHLUN MMC blades. We took three blades and made one cut with one blade, five cuts with the second, and ten cuts with the third blade. If you see the photo in the middle, the left blade has ten cuts, the middle-left has five cuts, the middle-right has one cut, and the right blade is a new blade for comparison. Basically, with the exception of the amount of paint on the blades, all of the teeth on all four blades are in the same condition. The photo on the right is a close-up of a blade with ten cuts. If we did a test of how many nails a single OSHLUN MMC blade could make, we’d say it could safely cut several hundred nails.

The OSHLUN MMC-0110 is a 10-Pack with an adapter for Bosch and Dremel tools. The center photo contains the adapter for Bosch and Dremel tools. The photo on the right is the OSHLUN MMC blade, with the supplied adaptor, on a Bosch tool.

For more info: Oshlun.com

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