KNIPEX 95 11 165 Cable Shears

KNIPEX 95 11 165 Cable Shears

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Klein® Tools Introduces Its Coax Cable Cutter Engineered to Cut Copper-Clad Steel Cable

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Multi-functional tool includes shears to cut common wires and cables

July 24, 2014 (Lincolnshire, IL) – Klein Tools (, for professionals since 1857, evolves its Voice/Data/Video (VDV) product line by offering the new Coax Cable Cutter – CCS.  The “made in the USA” forged Coax Cable Cutter-CCS is a multi-functional cutter that is optimized to cut copper-clad steel (CCS) coaxial cable in addition to other steel, aluminum and copper wires and cables. It is designed to withstand cutting steel-core coaxial cable without damaging the knives or deforming the cable while the shears cleanly cut and snip other wires or cables. This single tool provides a critical solution for electricians, voice/data/video technicians and security installers that work with a variety of cables and wires on the job.

Klein Coax Cable Cutter CSS VDV600-096 Tools of the Tradies

The Coax Cable Cutter – CCS (Cat. No. VDV600-096) features include:

  • Specialized notched blade designed to withstand cutting steel cable including copper clad steel (CCS) coaxial cable such as RG-59, RG-6/6Q, RG-7 and RG11
  • Blade geometry ensures copper-clad steel (CCS) coaxial cable retains form when cut to facilitate easy insertion into connectors
  • Shears designed to cleanly cut and snip solid and stranded copper, aluminum, UTP/STP twisted pair wires and cables
  • Through-hardened custom US-made tool steel
  • Hot-riveted joint for durability
  • High-leverage handles for genuine one-handed operation
  • Plastic-coated for maximum comfort and grip

“The number of tools that a typical journeyman requires on the job can be considerable let alone expensive. For example, if the correct wire cutting tool is not at hand, a substitute may be used as a quick fix causing early blade degradation of the tool and safety concerns for the user,” states Sean O’Flaherty, senior product manager at Klein Tools. “The Klein Coax Cable Cutter – CCS, first and foremost, cuts copper-clad steel coaxial cable without blade degradation or cable deformation but, it is also equally proficient when cutting other data and communication cables such as twisted pair thus delivering on multi-functionality and convenience at a lower cost.”

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Wiss® Edge™ Aviation Snips

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M1X, M2X & M3X

– Straight, left and right cuts
– Precision cast blades made in the USA
– 20% less force to cut
– Improved ergonomics grips and latch
– Better and more consistent handle span
– Increased product durability
– Redesigned latch for better control

Wiss Edge Aviation Snips
Designed for extreme durability and performance.

For decades, Wiss has been the professional’s go-to snip.
Now, the new Wiss Edge series, available in Straight, Left and Right-cut models, redefines performance with a total system design for increased durability, consistent control and exceptional comfort.

An improved compound action features the unparalleled Wiss pivot bolt system that performs six times longer than other snips. And a new ultra-durable spring lasts four times longer. The result…reliable performance, job after job after job.

The redesigned blade and handle combination positions material closer to the action for optimum leverage—reducing the force needed to cut by an average of twenty percent. Integrated stops ensure the blades open fully giving you the maximum cut length.
Combine the gripping power and force distribution of the legendary Wiss serrated blade, and you’ll make faster cuts with precision accuracy…every time.

Professionals know hand fatigue affects performance. Wiss Edge snips have an ergonomically advanced design to maximize comfort. Dual material grips and a longer palm handle conform naturally to the hand and provide added comfort and control. A new latch provides convenient locking and unlocking—even when wearing gloves.

Wiss Edge Aviation snips—The professional’s new standard in cutting.

Precision. Performance. Durability.


Klein® Tools Expands Its Insulated Tool Line

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New sleeker design provides 1000V protection on the job for electricians

Klein® Tools Expands Its Insulated Tool Line Tools of the TradiesApril 3, 2014 (Lincolnshire, IL) – Klein Tools (, for professionals since 1857, announced the release of their full line of Electrician’s Insulated Tools with slimmer, sleeker profiles, certified by VDE and made in the USA.

New injection-molded grips feature Klein’s unique, three part insulation that includes a white underlayer that acts as a continuous sleeve around the steel handle and serves as a warning sign if the insulation is compromised.  This also adds an extra layer of protection compared to other insulated tools on the market.

The multi-color, sleek design features small thumb guards for ease of handling and storage in the tool belt. This series offers the core tools an electrician needs to get the job done safely, including New England style side cutters, diagonal cutters, long-nose pliers, cable cutters, pump pliers and wire strippers.

Each tool is marked with the official 1000V symbol which signifies that the tool has been tested to 10,000V.  Additionally, they are marked with the official VDE GS logo, signifying that each tool is certified by the VDE Testing and Certification Institute in Germany, one of the world’s most prominent independent testing organizations for electric and electronic products.

To conform to these standards, Klein’s insulated tools are put through an internal rigorous testing process to ensure that the tool can handle any situation it might come across in the field. Klein Tools controls the entire manufacturing process in the United States starting with a proprietary blend of steel forged by Klein, through a proprietary three stage heat treating and testing process.

“Safety is extremely important to electricians,” states David Klein, product manager at Klein Tools. “This line was developed to provide the tools electricians use every day in a sleek insulated design that are easy to use and store”.

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Klein Tools is a registered trademark of Klein Tools, Inc.

About Klein Tools: Since 1857 Klein Tools, a family-owned and operated company, has been designing, developing and manufacturing premium-quality, professional-grade hand tools. Klein tools are the number one choice among professional electricians and other tradespeople in the United States. For more information, visit

Knipex Tools 73 72 180 BK TwinForce High Performance Leverage Diagonal Cutter with Comfort Grip Handle, Red/Blue

Knipex Tools 73 72 180 BK TwinForce Tools of the Tradies 1

To see how much leverage the Knipex TwinForce cutters have, I compared them against a traditional pair of pliers.

Stucco Wire: With the regular pliers, it took some effort to cut  The Knipex cut the same wire like I was cutting cooked spagetti.

Phone Wire: The regular pliers cut it, but it took some effort. The Knipex cut it a lot easier. I know Knipex state that it’s 50% less effort over traditional pliers, but I think they were being conservative, as I only needed to apply a fraction of the force that I applied with the traditional pliers.

Romex, 12-2: The regular pliers cut it with a lot of effort. With the Knipex, there was no hesitation.

#9 Screw: The regular pliers were not able the cut the wood screw. The Knipex were able to cut it.

16D Framing Nail: The regular pliers, even with both hands, were not able to cut the nail. The Knipex were able to cut the nail in one squeeze. If you look at the uncut nail, you can see a small nick left by the traditional pliers.

After this review, I was able to cleanly cut paper with the Knipex pliers. If you see the very bottom photo, you can see a cut made by the Knipex cutters, after cutting the wood screw and nail.

Knipex Tools 73 72 180 BK TwinForce Tools of the Tradies 2Knipex Tools 73 72 180 BK TwinForce Tools of the Tradies 3Knipex Tools 73 72 180 BK TwinForce Tools of the Tradies 4

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Available here: Knipex Tools 73 72 180 BK TwinForce High Performance Leverage Diagonal Cutter with Comfort Grip Handle, Red/Blue


Klein® Tools Introduces the All-Purpose Pliers

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Klein® Tools Introduces the All-Purpose Pliers

Combines the functions of a wire stripper and long-nose pliers in one tool

March 18, 2014 (Lincolnshire, IL) – Klein Tools (, for professionals since 1857, introduces the All-Purpose Pliers, a more durable wire stripping tool that also has the functionality of a long-nose pliers.

The All-Purpose Pliers (Cat. No. J206-8C) can strip, cut, and loop 8-16 AWG solid and 10-18 AWG stranded wire, plus it has screw shearing holes.  These pliers are built of forged steel with induction-hardened cutting knives for maximum durability and long life.  The hot-riveted joint also ensures smooth action and no handle wobble.  This tool is spring-loaded for self-opening action and features Klein’s dual-material Journeyman™ handles that provide a firm grip and added comfort.

“Multi-functional tools, like the All-Purpose Pliers, are becoming more popular among electricians,” says senior product manager Gary Lalla.  “These tools save time, save money, and save space in the tool belt.”

KleinTools All Purpose Pliers J206-8C Tools of the Tradies

For more info, visit or contact your local distributor.

To buy: Klein J2068C Pliers

Klein J2078CR (w/ Crimpers)


Knipex Pliers Wrench

Before I share my impressions of the Knipex Pliers Wrench, let’s talk about adjustable wrenches.

I think wrenches are very useful, as long as you have the skills to use them. Whether you are using an inexpensive or an expensive wrench, you need to know how to wiggle the wrench in place, while you’re turning the spiral wheel. These tasks seem very simple, but they’re not. How many times have you seen rounded nuts? In addition to these prerequisites, you’ll need to keep your thumb on the spiral wheel, at least for the inexpensive wrenches, perhaps evening tightening the spiral wheel, as you tighten the nut. You usually don’t have this problem with the better made wrenches, but you need to wiggle the wrench, as you’re loosening the spiral wheel, to get it off of the nut. See where I’m going with this? You need advanced skills or some serious training to use an adjustable wrench.

Unlike adjustable wrenches, the Knipex Pliers Wrench does not require any specialized training to operate. You simply adjust the jaws to the approximate size, then squeeze. That’s it! The Knipex Pliers Wrench is also fundamentally different in that it can apply dynamic pressure to the nut or the object being grasped, as opposed to adjustable wrenches that are static and neutral on the better wrenches, and even negative on the cheaper ones.

If you’re in the market for an adjustable wrench or not, get yourself a pair of the Knipex Pliers Wrench. They’re easier, faster, safer, and super comfy!

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To buy: Knipex 8605250 10-Inch Pliers Wrench – Comfort Grip (amazon)

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